Holly Allegri

Operations Manager

Holly Allegri

Operations Manager.


What is your role at OA?

Enabling the businesses growth by;

- Supporting managers with systems, training, recruitment and procurement
- Managing recruitment for the business 
- Organising and managing all events 

What is your experience within the role?

Previous experience as a Recruitment Consultant myself has enabled me to fully understand why my role is so important and allows me to support the business well!

Why did you choose OA?

The culture, how people are treated, and everyone cares about each other. 

What makes OA the right fit for you? 

It's so important that my employer values me and pushes me to develop even further. However, it's equally important they realise we all have a life outside of work, so I love how flexible and supportive our managers and directors are.

Outside of work, what do you like doing?

Cooking, walking my dog, and spending time with my family (cliche, I know!) 

3 likes & 3 dislikes you have? 

Likes: Nduja, Animals, and Exploring/going on adventures!

Dislikes: Rudeness, Coriander, and Sitting still for too long!