Chris Cranshaw

Board Advisor

Chris Cranshaw

Board Advisor.


What is your role at OA?

I act as a strategic advisor to the board, providing industry insight, knowledge and expertise to support the creation of their service offerings and their overall growth strategy. 

In addition to sitting on the board of directors, I also provide management and leadership to OA’s Marketing and Social Attraction functions. 

Relevant experience & expertise?

Over 20 years experience working in the recruitment industry, working both in-house and agency side before transitioning into the world of recruitment marketing, brand growth and service line development. 

Since 2020, I have launched several successful businesses delivering outsourced services to the recruitment sector, including a creative marketing agency, a recruitment marketing talent business and a recruitment growth advisory practice.  


Why did you choose OA?

From initially working with OA to deliver their brand and marketing requirements, I was captivated by their passion to scale the business and diversify their recruitment service/solution offering to meet the needs of their clients, candidates and colleagues. 


What does working at OA mean to you?

It means I get to work alongside a team of inspirational business leaders, that drives me to personally seek ideas and innovations to support them achieve their ambitions for the business. Witnessing the scale of growth OA Group has gone through is remarkable and I proud to have been able to have been trusted to play a small part in their story. 


Outside of work, what do you like doing?

Home Renovations, Walking the Dogs, Following Football, Formula 1 and American Football, Playing Golf (Badly), Vintage Trainer Collecting, Playing the Drums (badly), Travelling and spending time with my family and friends. 


3 Likes vs 3 Dislikes...


1 - Individuals that are always positive with the right intent. 

2 - Work-Life Balance 

3 - Any dish that includes meat and/or cheese


1 - Being late (personally and waiting for other people)

2 - Self-important individuals with little respect for peoples time, needs and boundaries.

3 - Rice cakes and people eating hot fish in the office