Kai Wells

Recruitment Apprentice

Kai Wells

Recruitment Apprentice.


What is your role at OA?

As part of the OA team, I will help play a key role in identifying the most suitable candidates for our vacancies. 

Relevant experience and expertise?

Having previously done work experience at OA, I have a good understanding of the company's values and am glad to be back.

Why did you choose OA?

I chose OA because everyone is so nice and welcoming, it also became a very special place for me after I finished my work experice here, an honor to work for such a nice company.

What does working at OA mean to you?

Opportunity - OA give you so many opportunties to grow and help push you to be the best version of yourself.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies & interests?

I play a lot of rugby, I've been playing since I was 7 and have also represented the county.

3 Likes & Dislikes?

Likes: Rugby, Boxing & Gym
Dislikes: The Cold, Really Early Mornings, Sour Food