Kady Brian

Account Director

Kady Brian

Account Director.


What is your role at OA?

Supporting the team to ensure they are sourcing quality candidates, offering unparalleled support to clients, and maintaining excellent service across the board.

What were you doing before you joined OA?

Having several years of experience in Account Management roles and over five years in Recruitment, implementing new on-site accounts has been a natural progression that I am passionate about.

Why did you choose OA?

Laura sold the dream and I'm lucky to be living it every day!

What does working at OA mean to you?

Working at OA to me means working within a very close-knit community, an extension of my family where everyone appreciates each other, we all have similar goals, ambitions and move towards continuous improvement while genuinely caring for each other and the work we do. 

Outside of work, what are your hobbies & interests?

I have a passion for photography, spending time outdoors with the family, and traveling when possible (Thanks Covid!)

3 Likes & Dislikes?

I love food, meeting new people, and venturing to new places. I dislike peanut butter, negative people, and cold weather!