Hannah Burge

Senior Account Manager

Hannah Burge

Senior Account Manager.


What is your role at OA?

Delivering great service to clients and making work a better place for all of our associates.

Relevant experience and expertise?

  • Develop effective business relationships 
  • Client facing
  • Able to work in a proactive & reactive environment 
  • Adaptable to all situations and environments

Why did you choose OA?

I chose OA for its values and culture. When I first spoke with Laura I knew OA was the place for me. I live and breathe their values in not only my work life but also my personal life. OA is an extremely ambitious and caring company that look after and value their employees, clients and workforce.

What does working at OA mean to you?

We are one team! 

Outside of work, what are your hobbies & interests?

Some of my favourite things to do are going on luxury holidays, spending time with my family & friends, also going to new places, trying new foods and wines!

3 Likes & Dislikes?

Likes: Holidays, champagne and asking lots of questions.
Dislikes: Peppers, one-word answers and sticky floors.