Chloe Buchanan

Recruitment Consultant

Chloe Buchanan

Recruitment Consultant.


What is your role at OA?

Finding and supporting candidates to place them in the best suited job for them. Also supporting clients to help their hiring needs!

Relevant experience & expertise?

Previously, I've worked in retail, food and beverage and an office based job. This has given me a great opportunity to gain transferrable skills such as customer service, being an able to hit targets with ease and being incredibly driven.

Why did you choose OA?

I heard about OA through a friend and completely trusted their opinion on the business and the team! After meeting the team I instantly felt welcomed and could genuinely see myself working in the office with everyone I met. 

What does working at OA mean to you?

I'm excited to start working at OA with the whole team! OA has trusted me to start a completely new career with them and I cannot wait to work super hard for them aswel as new candidates of mine.

3 Likes & 3 Dislikes

- Spending time with family & friends. I have a big family with 10 nieces and nephews so I see them most weekends which I love! 
- Red wine!!
- Law of attraction, manifesting and astrology. 

- Needles, blood and hospitals are my biggest phobias..
- I don't like being around rude people.
- Snakes