New Employee Journey: Chloe Buchanan

The Application

My application for OA came as a bit of a shock to me in all honesty! I reached out to my friend Hayley who worked for OA at the time simply to understand how she got into recruitment and what she loves about recruitment in general as I was looking for a new role but wasn’t 100% sure really it was what I wanted to do. Hayley only had amazing things to say about recruitment and OA as a whole and from then on, I had the drive to really ‘go for it’.

During mine and Hayley’s phone call she mentioned OA’s internal recruiter Ellie would be in contact to help with further questions. Me being me thought it was just a simple chat about recruitment, not realising there was a role going at OA and Hayley (kind of) recommended me for this role! I was my usual chatty self, being completely honest, in the sense that I’ve never worked in recruitment before, however, I really had the drive and work ethic to work hard and show I can be successful.

The First Interview

Ellie and I had a few further phone calls and shortly after that I had a Teams interview booked with Natasha. I was extremely nervous as I hadn’t interviewed for over six years so didn’t know what to expect! Within seconds of being on the Teams interview with Natasha I felt so calm as Natasha naturally has such a warm and welcoming approach to her. I felt at ease. Thank goodness! 

Natasha asked me questions of course, regarding recruitment and why I would like to become a recruitment consultant as it was such a big difference from my previous job role. I was completely honest. Maybe I’m too honest, but I simply said I was ‘bored’ at my current job. I would like a new challenge and to feel valued within a company again! I had a feeling the interview went well and that Natasha liked me (I hoped anyway), but then again you never know do you! I was so nervous waiting for a phone call from Ellie to deliver the news and thankfully it was good news. I got through to the second stage!

Second Stage Prep

Ellie mentioned the second stage was a presentation and a meet the team! Straight away I was petrified! Presentation? Meet the team? I hate presenting! Other than Hayley I didn’t know anyone, so naturally it's scary right? I knew how much I wanted the job so I pulled myself together and accepted the second stage.

Ellie sent me a presentation template and to be completely honest, I had no idea even where to start. I called my brother straight away and asked for his help. One Sunday, my brother and I sat down and ‘brain stormed’ all the questions that were in the presentation just on a notepad. When I was confident that I had all points down and what I wanted to say, we started to piece together the presentation. I presented it to my brother as if he was Natasha and I was shaking like a leaf, made a few mistakes of course and really felt like crying but we kept going until I had it ‘perfected’. The morning of my second interview I felt sick. I was so nervous.

I got up so early to get ready, I was talking through the presentation to myself all morning. I must have looked crazy to anyone who saw me talking to myself but I didn’t care, I wanted it to go perfectly as I wanted the job so much! 

I even went and got my car cleaned because first impressions matter so much and didn’t want to turn up with a dirty car. No one even saw my car. I was just over thinking and being silly now thinking about it!

The Presentation

I turned up to the OA office, physically shaking with nerves! Kelli answered the door with the biggest smile and the most welcoming approach and really made me feel amazing! I was asked to sit in the meeting room for a few minutes whilst I waited for Natasha. Those few minutes felt like a lifetime, however, as soon as she came in, it was the loveliest welcome and I immediately felt comfortable and confident!

We started chatting before the presentation took place and were talking for ages as to be quite honest I could talk to a brick wall and we got on so well! During the presentation I kept messing up my words but we laughed about it. Natasha could tell I was nervous and as mentioned before I’m only human! I met the team briefly after and just like Natasha and Kelli, everyone was so lovely. I was introduced to everyone, told everyone’s name but the only person’s name I remembered was Freya’s as she was chatty, bubbly and in all honesty loud just like me! I left the office feeling amazing! Although I messed up my words, I still had a great feeling!

Final Step

I had a phone call from Ellie straight away with positive feedback. It was the best feeling ever! I hadn’t interviewed for so long so I wasn't very confident, I messed up my words yet they still had positive words to say? I couldn’t quite believe it! Ellie then mentioned I had a last stage interview with Karen Dobson, one of the directors! First a presentation and a meet and greet, now an interview with one of the directors! I pulled myself together and told myself, I’ve got this far, you’re not stopping now! The day of my Teams interview with Karen Dobson, (again, Director!), I spent the whole morning on the OA website making sure I knew OA like the back of my hand as I didn’t want to look stupid if anything was asked and I didn’t know.

Ahead of the Teams interview, I set up my laptop in the dining room at home and kicked my mum and dad out of their own house as I wanted no distractions (mean aren’t I). I was moving plants around to make it look prettier, why? Karen wasn’t going to compliment thelilies behind me, but clearly, I thought that was a great idea!

Karen jumped on the Teams call and was so kind and again welcoming! I’m not sure why I was worrying so much after all! It was simply a 15-minute chat about me, why I’d like to work for OA and what I think I could bring to the company. We had such a laugh and again after the interview I felt so confident. It went great!

Good News!

Ellie called me within an hour with positive news! I GOT THE JOB! Oh my gosh! I was honestly over the moon! The first job I’ve applied for, let alone interviewed for in six years and I’ve got it! What a feeling! I couldn’t have done it without Ellie and of course Hayley!

I handed my notice in at my job. They offered me more money and more benefits but it wasn’t about the money or the benefits anymore, it was really to do with my happiness and I knew I’d be a lot happier at OA! I had a four week notice like most people and those four weeks really did drag! I just couldn’t wait to start at OA, meet everyone and get stuck in! 

Weirdly, I wasn’t nervous on my first day. I think as I met the girls in my second stage interview and everyone was so lovely I knew I’d be made to feel welcomed! I was right!

I came in and on my desk there was a little welcome pack with a notepad, biscuits and a welcome card. How sweet! On my first day I was upstairs with Holly and Ellie all day going through my induction, completing a few fun activities along with Carla who started on the same day as me! It was so nice having someone to start with and share the same new journey with!

I have now been at OA for nearly four months and I cannot believe how much I love it here! The whole team is incredibly supportive and I feel so lucky to have got this role!


If you're interested in joining the OA Team, get in touch with our internal recruiter Ellie by clicking here!