Mindfulness & Mental Health

Interview With Dawn Knights MHFA

As mental health awareness grows, we are learning more and more of how mental health can affect our work lives as well as our personal lives.

Here at OA we take our mental health very seriously: and our very own Dawn has completed a Mental Health Awareness course and is now OA’s Representative for Mental Health.

Having witnessed Dawn’s passion for Mindfulness and Mental Health in general, I wanted to ask her what brought about her interest in these subjects.


Dawn, what has brought you to be so interested in promoting Mental Health Awareness, and Mindfulness?


“First of all my own personal experiences, but also lockdown and the impact it had on different people, and their different ways of coping.”


What mechanisms do you use to help with your own mental health?


“I feel that being more open about the way I feel helps so much. And I try to do things that relax me and make me happy, like gardening, walking the dog, yoga, or even just taking some quiet time to read a book. From a work perspective, I find that having a clear structure and plan for each day helps me to stay focussed”


How has the MHA Course helped your understanding of Mental Health in general?


“It has helped me to understand the difference between good mental health and bad mental health, and what people can be going through. It really opened my eyes, and taught me that everyone, at some point in their life, will experience both.”


What would you say to someone who is feeling vulnerable or having a hard time?


“It’s a really good idea to write things down, about the way you are feeling. And definitely seek someone out that you feel comfortable talking to”


What are the best ways to look after our own mental health?


“Ensure you take regular breaks at work. Put your phone down and limit your screen time throughout the day. Take regular exercise; something you enjoy, even just a walk. Take some time out for yourself, at least once a week.

And always talk and be honest about your feelings. It will help.”