3 Signs your CV is underselling you!

On average, there are 250 applications for each corporate job opening. This statistic highlights the importance of a high-quality CV that showcase’s what you have to offer a recruiter. If your CV includes one or more of the following signs, it may be time to revisit the document.


You have missed out your accomplishments…

It is fine to list your responsibilities from previous positions, recruiters are looking for candidates with the relevant experience, but many fail to include any achievements in their previous roles. Instead of just stating your duties, explain how you contributed to the role and the positive impact you made at the company. If you are able to list specific accomplishments and figures to back this up, chances are you will stand out from the crowd. 


You are missing a skills section…

If your CV does not include a relevant skills section, chances are you are underselling yourself. This list should also include any programs/software’s you have knowledge within that you think may be suitable to the roles you are applying to.

Not only does a skills section help in this way, but it can also aid you in passing any applicant tracking systems that many recruiters use. Inserting keywords that you think the system may be looking for into this section will not only show that you have the necessary skills, but also ensure you make it past the tracking stage. 


You have yet to master ‘The Humble Brag’…

Many people find it quite uncomfortable when talking about their own achievements in the workplace. If you fall into this category, you are yet to master the art of The Humble Brag. 

A CV is designed to sell yourself and showcase what you have to offer an organisation/recruiter. The aim is to highlight your achievements, qualifications and skills in a professional and polite manner. Without talking about your main accomplishments in your professional career, you could be underselling yourself!



Creating a successful CV doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Remember to place emphasis on your achievements and relevant skills alongside your experience. OA offers a free CV review service to help you to sell yourself in the right way and find your dream job. Head over to the contact us page to find your nearest OA branch and give us a call!