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  • Booker Group is the UK’s leading food wholesaler.


    Booker stands as the UK's leading food and drink wholesaler, serving independent retailers, caterers, and small businesses across the nation. With an extensive network of 196 locations throughout the country, Booker is dedicated to enhancing choice, price, and service for its esteemed clientele.

    Operating three regional distribution centers, located in Hatfield and Haydock in England, as well as Livingston in Scotland, Booker Wholesale and Makro efficiently manage the supply chain. Additionally, a national distribution center in Wellingborough plays a crucial role in supporting operations, with two of the centers also handling retail deliveries.

    Catering to a diverse customer base of 94,000 independent retailers, Booker serves a wide range of clients. Notably, Premier, Londis, Budgens, and Family Shopper symbol club members represent some of the largest retail customers. Furthermore, Booker caters to retail club members, unaffiliated independents, and retail national accounts.

    With a workforce of approximately 13,000 employees, the Group strongly upholds the principles of equal opportunities. The Directors firmly believe that the Group's people are integral to its future success and are committed to fostering their growth and development at all levels within the organization.

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